Installing CLUB TV & CLUB TV + on to your ANDROID DEVICE.

We have 2 options for our IPTV that you can try FREE of charge or paid subscription and can be downloaded from our web links.

Go to your android device and then the internet browser and type in this web page

The click on CLUB TV add on link and then CLUB TV + add on link one at a time and load to your android device.

These are direct download links and will download automatically.

The go to the apps folder and press APP INSTALLER or FILE MANAGER

Then locate CLUB TV and CLUB TV PLUS

Install and open

The press Live tv section and it will ask for a code.

Please email us for YOUR FREE code. If you have a fire stick its different install info.

You can repeat the process with our other add ons on this page so you have some god add ons for later.

You should not have any issues on buffering through our servers but if you do please get back to us because it will be connection problems, broadband disconnections or simply restarting router and clearing cache. Please email us if unsure at

Once you have your add ons loaded to the device please email us for you codes

Many thanks

Cirrus tv

Option 2 download our file via FILE  ADDON


If you are using a android box or android tablet/phone please go to your

internet browser and type in

You will then be given a screen with a DOWNLOAD button

Install this and OPEN….


On screen please enter our unique code 61623628

This will open our page with various add ons for you to download and install.

If its asks for another code insert 3462

Please install



and any others you want in this download section for later…

Once installed email us back for codes for our IPTV services.

email and let us know what IPTV service you enquired about

We also have a vast selection of extra add ons for movies and tv shows

for customers who have already got a subscription for FREE. 

Ask for this code later…

Many thanks

Cirrus TV